Each of us is a child of God. Regardless of the religion or spiritual practice you may follow, you are a child of God and you are deeply loved and uniquely cherished. You were made for a purpose and you are blessed.

I truly believe the statement above. I also believe that it is up to us to make this world God’s world: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” It is up to us to not only pray, but to act in ways that work towards peace and justice. That’s what Jesus exemplified in his teachings and how he modeled God’s love to his disciples and his followers.

I am a single, working mother of two grown children, one of whom is still at home while going to college. My day job is managing a team of IT SAP business analysts. And I am also a third year Seminarian student at Lancaster Theological Seminary in their new weekend Masters of Divinity program. I also serve in several leadership positions at my local United Church of Christ congregation. I don’t have a lot of spare time!

I spent the first half of my life raised in the Roman Catholic tradition and after the birth of my daughter, I transitioned into the United Church of Christ. Throughout the years, I have explored other faith traditions, finding value in many other faiths. I also find God in nature, in music, in my interactions with other people, and within the most menial parts of my day.

This site will eventually host the almost five years worth of prayers I’ve written for my United Church of Christ congregation.  I also have meditations and other thoughts to share.  Many of the prayers are lectionary-based and some, in addition, were written to supplement worship themes developed by Marcia McFee.  I welcome sharing these prayers with you and with your worship communities, but would like to know when and where they are used. I would also welcome an interaction with you on how you felt about the words on this site, how you see God in your daily lives, and how your faith has changed over time.

Wishing you love and light in your lives.


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