We Have Choices (Matthew 1:18-25)

Father God, you gave us free will
which means we have choices to make in life.
Choices that are made publicly and sometimes in private.
Choices that make the world a better place
and choices that cause others pain.
We ask that you be with us, reminding us of your way,
as we make our choices in life.
Open our eyes to the impact that we have on others.
Remind us that our choice to act
and our choice not to act both have consequences.

Mother God, you give us love and grace freely.
We know that we are your children and that.
together we make up your church.
We join together here as one body, one people.
We make the choice to be here this Sunday
so that we can hear your word together,
so that we can support one another,
and so we can learn from each other.
As your children, we ask that you be with those among us
who need you the most. We name ___

Lord, we are waiting for your arrival.
As we wait, we are reminded that you came to us
to share in our lives, to be with us and to be one of us.
Open our hearts to your love and guidance.
Help us to see in your teachings the choices that you made,
the love that you acted out in deeds more than in words.
Help us to be more like you as we enter into the Christmas season.
Remind us of what we are truly waiting for and
what our celebration really means.
As Joseph and Mary followed God’s plan,
we ask that you use us to also fulfill that plan.
As we wait for your arrival,
we lift our hands up in anticipation and praise,
and we use the words that you taught us,
“Our Father…”

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