What We Live (Ephesians 6:10-20)

Your teachings give us strength every day, Lord.
The world we face each day can challenge us,
with temptations,
with doubt and uncertainty,
with false promises and fear.
We don’t have a set of physical armor
to wrap ourselves in each morning.
But we lean on your teachings, on your guidance,
and we know that you are with us always.

Your teachings give us strength every day, Lord.
You taught us with more than words,
you lived your life as you would have us live ours.
To love one another without hesitation or judgment,
to speak up for those among us who have no voice,
to share freely with each other,
and to support one another within your community of believers.

Evil exists in our world, because we, as humans, make bad choices.
You gave us free will and it is up to us to make this world
as it is in your heaven.
Give us the wisdom to make better choices,
the strength to resist temptation,
the ability to recognize and to follow your guidance,
and to open our hearts so that we can love each other freely.

Your teachings give us strength every day, Lord.
We lift up our fears, our worries, and our failures to you
knowing that you are with us,
knowing that you have surrounded us with your love and grace,
knowing that we are your children and that we are loved.
We ask that you be with those among us who need your love and support,
naming __.
Remind us every day that we are your disciples on this earth.
We may not have physical armor that protects us from harm,
but we are surrounded by your presence, by your love and grace.

Your teachings give us strength every day, Lord.
And we use the words that you taught us, as we lift our voices together, to say
“Our Father…”

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