We Remember Your Promise (Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:2-4, 3:17-19)

Sometimes when we look at our world,
our eyes fill with tears.
We wonder why hate seems to thrive,
why pain is a constant presence
and why greed champions over justice.
We cry out at times that it is not fair.
We ask where you are, Lord,
and lift our fears up to you
hoping you will give us peace and power.

Our brothers and sisters march in protest,
asking if they matter, if they have any importance.
We find ourselves judged and given privilege or censure
based on our appearance, our education, and
our social class.
Our young people ask, what is important in this life?
Our middle-aged ask, why have the rules changed?
Our elderly ask, who will take care of us?

If we are honest with ourselves, Lord,
we know that our world is a reflection of our choices.
It is not you who has set up a battle between good and evil,
it is us.
When we allow ourselves to focus on money and power,
we forget to focus on what is important and on what we need,
instead we focus on what we want.
When we focus on ourselves,
we ignore those among us who need our help.

Sometimes when we look at our world,
our eyes fill with tears.
But, we remember, your promise, your strength.
You are our Savior and
we will learn to answer our questions by truly practicing your teachings.
We are the ones who can make a difference in this world.
Fill us with your strength and grace.
Be with those among us who need you the most, ___

We wait for you, and as we wait,
remind us to also act,
to make this world a more just and peaceful place.
As we wait, we use the words your son taught us,
“Our Father…”

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