Transform Us (Luke 9:28-36)

We come to this place every week
for many different reasons.
Some of us were born into a church family
and we know no other way of life.
We cannot imagine a life without you, Jesus.
Others came to this church later in life.
We had a life before that may not have included God,
or maybe a life with a God that was minimized
and only called upon in times of crisis.

But we are here now, Lord, here in this sacred place with you.
We ourselves have been transformed by your love,
by your grace, and most especially by your teachings.
Jesus, you have been our role model and
showed us how we should live our lives.
You showed us how important it is to pray,
to allow that quiet time between ourselves and God.
You showed us how to include everyone,
and to treat everyone with respect and fairness.
You showed us how to live in a way that fulfills God’s plan on earth,
even when we may not feel we have the courage to do so.
You showed us how our lives will change when we live not for ourselves,
but for others.
You showed us how to live in peace with each other,
and how to support each other.
You showed us how to enjoy life and to celebrate God’s joy in this world.
You did this in actions, not only in words.

Transform us today, Lord, here in this sacred place,
and in every place we may find ourselves.
Transform us. Make us more receptive to prayer and
to hearing the call of the Holy Spirit.
Transform us. Make us more willing to accept and to seek out diversity.
Transform us. Make us peacemakers who work for equality and fairness for all.
Transform us. Make us more generous with our talents and our treasures.
Transform us. Make us a community who builds each other up
and supports those who may need help.
We ask that you also be with ___ who are in need of your healing touch and strength.
Transform us into a stronger body of Christ,
a community who celebrates the joy of your love
and enjoys and nurtures the gifts of the earth that you have given us.

We come to this place every week.
And, we leave this place changed by your presence.
We follow your teachings as best we can.
We ask that you walk with us on our journey and transform us along the way.
And, we use the words that you taught us to use,
“Our Father…”

Bold text can be read by the congregation.

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