Strength, Wisdom and Peace (Exodus 17:1-7)

We ask you for strength, Lord.
Strength to help us to keep moving forward when we just want to give up.
Strength to find hope when we are surrounded by despair.
Strength to try new paths when the road in front of us is blocked.
Strength to find joy in the midst of sadness.
Strength to stay committed when others break their promises to us.
We ask this as your children.

We ask you for wisdom, Lord.
Wisdom to know the truth in a world full of half-truths and hidden agendas.
Wisdom to choose the path that follows your teachings.
Wisdom to nurture and grow the gifts and talents that you have given to us.
Wisdom to see the character of those around us
instead of judging their external appearance.
Wisdom to act as the guardian of the world you have given to us.
We ask this as your children.

We ask you for peace, Lord.
Peace that calms our fears when we panic about the future.
Peace that envelopes us as we recognize your love for us.
Peace that tells us that we have all that we need
even if we don’t have everything we want.
Peace that reminds us that our life will be renewed
if we are patient.
Peace that is shared when we allow ourselves to be comforted by others.
We ask this as your children.

As we meet here in this sacred space, we know that you are with us always.
We ask that you be with those among us who are in pain and in need of healing.
And in this space, we are reminded of the words your son taught us and
we use those words today, “Our Father….”

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