Trust and Community (Exodus 1:8-2:10)

As we enter into a state of prayer,
we ask you to be with us, Gracious God.
As we picture ourselves by the side of a river,
we ask you to soothe our souls
just as the sound of rushing water calms our senses.

As our worries press against our minds,
and our fears multiply in the darkness,
we ask that you quiet our anxious thoughts.

As Moses’ mother trusted in you to save her newborn son,
so do we place our trust in you.

As we share our thoughts with you, Gracious God,
we ask you to open our hearts to you and to your teachings.

Help us to treat each other with justice and fairness,
to understand their story and their needs.
Help us to get out of our comfort zones and to truly see another
as they are and as we are.

As the Pharoah’s daughter defied corruption and hate,
give us the strength to follow her example.
Open our eyes, God, so that we can truly see
the obstacles before us that keep us from peace and justice.

As we lift up our prayers and concerns to you, Gracious God,
remind us of the midwives who followed your teachings.
They supported and served their community,
putting their needs and their safety last, trusting in you.
As we support those in our community,
we lift up to you those among us in need of special support and care.
We name ___.

Help us to see those among us who we have not named.
Help us to see those who are hidden from our view
because of our false assumptions and misunderstandings.
Open our hearts, our eyes and our ears to those around us, Gracious God.

As your followers, we ask that you use us to fulfill your plan here on earth.
As we wait, and as we listen, we lift up our voices to you, using the words your Son taught us,
“Our Father…”

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