Called to Challenge (1 Samuel 3:1-20)

Speak, Eternal One, because we are listening.

Or maybe we only think we are listening.
Maybe we are allowing the world to drown out your message to us.
Maybe we are filtering out what we don’t want to hear,
keeping only the part of your message that fits into our understanding.

Help us to find the quiet, to find a place that allows us to hear you.
Help us to find the courage to truly answer your call.
Help us to have the wisdom to follow your call.

Speak, Eternal One, and help us to truly listen to you.

Hearing your call is not always easy.
You call us when we are not ready.
You call us when we are not expecting your call.
You call us to do things we think are too hard.
Help us to be open to your call.
Help us to be ready to respond to your call.
Help us to be willing to accept your challenge.

Speak, Eternal One, as we remember those who answered your call.

We remember Dr Martin Luther King Jr.
We remember Rosa Parks.
We remember Jackie Robinson.
We remember Rachel Carson.
We remember Eleanor Roosevelt.
We remember Abraham Lincoln.
We remember Martin Luther, John Calvin and Ulrich Zwingli.
We remember all those who fought for social justice,
to make all people equal,
to protect and nurture our environment,
and to bring your words and your teachings to everyone.

Speak, Eterrnal One, and remind us that we are your children.
Open our hearts to your teachings and your guidance.
Open our eyes to the needs of those around us.
As we support one another, we ask that you be with those among us,
who need your healing grace and your peace. We name ___.
And as you speak to us, we lift up our voices to you,
using the words your son taught to us, “Our Father…”

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