Help Us to Change (Luke 5:33-39)

Gracious God, as new wine expands and stretches the new wineskins,
we ask that you also stretch us and help us to grow in our faith.
Help us to embrace change and not cling to old ways of thinking.
But remind us to cherish the good in our past and present.
Open our eyes to the nuances of each situation
as we attempt to live out your teachings in our daily life.
We recognize that we like rules and standard practices,
but help us to see the person and what they really need.
Help us to respond always with love, sharing your love with others.

We thank you for the teachers you have brought into our lives.
We realize now that each encounter with another
gives us the chance to share your love,
to be the change in the world that you were.
And as we change others, we are also changed.
Fill our hearts with a desire to know you more completely.
Give us the strength to live our lives in ways that put others first.
Help us to act in ways that make this world, your world,
a place of peace and justice.
As Jesus celebrated with his disciples,
be with us as we celebrate the joys in our lives.
We name ___.
And as Jesus sought to heal the sick, we also support each other.
We ask that you be with those among us
who are in need of your healing touch, your sense of peace
and your strength.
We name ___.

Jesus, we know that change is never easy.
But you brought change to our world and to each of us.
We have been changed by your teachings and we continue to change.
As your changed people,
we lift up our voices to use the words you taught us, “Our Father..”

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