A Mystical Moment (Exodus 24:12-18 ; Matthew 17:1-9)

Glorious Creator, we have all had the experience of encountering
a scene in nature that takes our breath away:
a sunrise, a sunset, the view from a mountaintop,
a rainbow, the dew glistening on a spider web,
the waves splashing up upon the shoreline,
or the lightening strike that lights up the night sky.
The majesty and the mystery of the world you have created overwhelms us.
When we come upon these scenes, we are filled with the mystery of your Spirit
and feel your closeness.

The glory of God settled on Mt Sinai and
a cloud covered the top of the mountain.
Help us, Lord, to see your glory in our daily lives.
Take us to that mountaintop and meet us in our doubt.
Help us to see your beauty and your mystery in the daily minutia of our lives.
Help us to remember the covenant you made with the people of Israel
and help us to keep your teachings.

Like Peter, we don’t fully grasp your teachings.
Help us to truly understand your mystery.
As Jesus was transfigured, we ask that you also change us.
Open our hearts to your presence all the time.
Remind us that you are with us always, and be with those among us
who need your healing grace. We name ___.
Open our eyes to those around us who are afraid or feeling lost,
those who don’t know how they will move forward.
Open our hearts to the needs of those around us
without judgment and without fear.
Help us to protect your creation, to act as stewards of your mystery.
Help us to act as Jesus taught us.

Glorious Creator, the world around us is full of your glory and your mystery.
We remember the baptism of Jesus when we hear the words
this is my son with whom I am well pleased.
We are reminded of our own baptism and
we remember that we are your children,
each of us loved and uniquely cherished.
As we seek you on the mountaintop and in your creation,
we use the words that your son taught us,
“Our Father…”