Call Us Today (Isaiah 42:1-9)

Some of us have grown up in the church,
and we cannot remember not knowing you, God.
Some of us have come to you through marriage,
through relationships, or on our own.
But, when we take the time to think about it,
we know when you called us to be your own.

You have called each of us to be here today.
You called out our names and we have responded.
We are in awe of you,
you who have created the heavens and the earth.
Before we were born, you knew us and loved us.

Call us today, set your plans before us.
Remind us that it is up to us to make this earth
as it is in your heaven.
You taught us to be a light to others,
light the flame within us.
You taught us to fight for those who are powerless,
give us the strength to take on those battles.
You taught us to share our resources with each other,
open our eyes to the needs of those around us.
You taught us to love our enemies as we love ourselves,
surround us with your love and forgiveness to soften our hearts
so that we can pray freely for our enemies.
You taught us that you are always with us, Lord.
Be with those among us who need your strength and grace today.

You have called us to be your followers.
We are here, Lord.
Call us to do your will.
As we lift our hearts to you, we also lift our prayers to you, using the words that your Son taught us,
“Our Father…”