In This Time of Lent (John 2:13-22)

In this time of Lent, we place our earthly worries and concerns before you.
You came to us, Lord, assumed our world, and became man.
You know what it is like to be one of us, the frailty of our bodies,
the fullness of our senses and the range of our emotions,
the weakness of our will power, and the depth of our love.

In this time of Lent, we are raising ourselves up to you.
We are spending time thinking about how to give you our best.
Open our hearts to you,
Open our minds to you,
Open our eyes to you.

In this time of Lent, we are realizing that you were one with us
and we are one with you.
We are your children, Lord, each of us uniquely loved and equally cherished.
We embrace your love, and seek to do your will.
Show us how best to make our world your heaven on earth.

In this time of Lent, we seek not to give up earthly things,
but to seek out spiritual learnings and to become better disciples.
Open our hearts to you,
open our minds to you,
open our eyes to you.

As your children, we know that you are with us always.
We ask that you be with ___.
We ask that you be with us and teach us how to share the good news of your teachings.

In this time of Lent, and throughout all times, we use the words you taught us,
“Our Father…”

Do Whatever He Tells You to Do (John 2:1-11)

Do whatever he tells you to do.
That’s what Mary told the servants to do at Cana.
Lord, help us to have the same faith and the same discipline.
Help us to follow you and to do what you tell us to do.
Open our ears to your directives.
Open our hearts to your love.
And, open our eyes to your plan.

Your mother, Lord, had faith in your ability to make a difference in this world.
You gathered disciples from unlikely candidates
and they also had faith in you.
They carried your story forward and have made disciples of us.

We are your followers, Lord.
We gather here each week
and make up the body of Christ in today’s world.
Strengthen us,
Use us,
Teach us,
Lead us,
We want to do whatever you tell us to do.

Remind us that there is abundance in this world.
As you changed over a hundred of gallons of water into wine for a wedding,
help us to see that we live in a world of plenty.
We may feel there is not enough, but you have given us more than enough.
Unclench our fists as we try to hold onto more than our fair share.
Encourage our generosity.
Open our eyes to the needs of those around us, locally and globally.
As you have blessed us, we need to also bless those around us.
As your disciples learned from you, help us to also learn your teachings
and help us to share those teachings with others.
As your community shared with one another, and supported one another,
we support each other.
We ask that you be with __ .

Do whatever he tells you to do.
That’s what Mary told the servants to do at Cana.
You have told us what to do.
We know what we are to do and we ask that you give us the strength to do so.
You have given us the words to say and we use those words today,
“Our Father…”