Abundant Patience (Genesis 15:1-12, 17-18)

We can be an impatient people, Lord.
We want things to happen on our timeline,
when we want it.
Remind us that all things work together,
in a dance of influence and reaction,
creating and building a new reality
in a timeline that is determined
by more than ourselves.

We can also be people of little faith, Lord.
Sometimes it can be hard for us to trust in you,
to trust in your teachings.
Remind us that you are always there for us, Father.
When we turn our backs on you,
you circle around and approach us from the front.
When we make plans that don’t include you,
you wait patiently for us to invite you into our lives.
When we try to change the rules of the game and
make things happen on our own,
you help us see that it would be better
to follow your teachings and your suggested rules.
You never give up on us and we thank you for that.

You gave us free will, Lord.
You gave us a living world,
a world full of universes and galaxies that appear
to us as stars in the night skies.
A free will sometimes encourages us to think we are in control.
But a living world is ever changing, ever growing,
and change can lead to earthquakes and melting ice caps.
We soon realize that we are not in control.
As we gaze at the stars in the sky and feel the vastness of that space,
remind us that your patience with us is as infinite as the space above us,
remind us that your love for us is also infinite,
remind us that the gifts of this earth are infinitely abundant if we use them wisely.

We know that you are with us, Lord, even when we turn our faces away from you.
We ask that you be with those among us who need your healing grace and strength,
naming __.
As a sign of your love and your patience, you gave the gift of your son to us.
We use the words he taught us as we say,
“Our Father….”


Setting our Sight on Human Things (Mark 8:31-38)

We set our sights on human things.
We judge our success by human guidelines.
We can worry too much about our future
and forget to celebrate today.

We forget that we are to be following you.
Remind us to freely put down our earthly possessions
so that we are free to pick up your cross.

We set our sights on human things,
but intertwined within our day to day,
is the Spirit.
The Spirit inspires us, lifts our eyes toward you,
away from the sights of the world that distract us.
The Spirit connects us, placing people and events
in our lives in ways that allow your love to be shared.
The Spirit interprets your word in scripture for us,
allowing us to see your teachings in our world today.
The Spirit nudges us, reminding us to follow you,
to put down our earthly possessions
so that we are free to follow you.

We set our sights on human things.
We have human worries and concerns.
As your children, we know that we are loved.
We know that you are with us,
and we ask that as we reach out to those among us
who need assistance, that you also be with them,
especially ___.

Holy Spirit,
fill us with your inspiration,
connect us with one another,
open our hearts and our eyes.
As we use the words taught to us so many years ago,
interpret them for us and give them new meaning
for our lives today so that we are free to follow you,
“Our Father….”