God’s Stories (Mark 9:2-9 )

Lord, there is much that we do not understand.
As the three did not know what to make of Jesus’ encounter
with Elijah and Moses,
we sometimes do not understand our encounters with you.
We may not hear you calling our name.
We may not recognize the opportunities you place before us.
Transform our hearts so that we are open to you.
Transform our lives so that we want to freely share your love with others.

Lord, there is much that we do not value enough.
As the three were dazzled by the encounter on the mountaintop,
we sometimes are dazzled by the glitz of this world and
fail to see what is most important.
Remind us of your teachings.
Remind us to focus less on the glory of the world and
instead help us to focus on relationships with others.
Remind us to spend time with those around us.
Remind us to cherish the simple gifts of life,
the laughter of a loved one,
the joy of reuniting with an old friend, or
the chance to accept forgiveness.
Remind us that you formed us to live in community
with one another.

Lord, there is much that we fail to see.
May the light of your teachings show us the way.
Open our eyes so that we can see the path you are making.
Open our ears to hear the needs of those around us.
As we support one another, we ask that you be with those among us
who need your grace and healing touch. We name ___.
Give us the strength to make it up the mountainside.
Give us the strength to lift up the powerless.
Give us the strength to speak up for those who are forgotten and overlooked.
Give us the strength to work for justice and peace in the world that you have given to us.

As we come together in community, we use the words you taught us,
“Our Father….”

We Cling to Our Fears (Mark 9:2-9)

Our worries and fears weigh us down at times.
We know that we are to depend on you, and yet we cling to our fears.
We tell ourselves to lift our concerns up to the Lord and He will assume our burdens.
But we know that it is not that easy because

We cling to our fear.
We cling to our burdens.
And, yet, even while we do that, we know that you already know us.
You, who formed us before we were born, you know what worries us.
You know what fears keep us up at night.

Our world is full of uncertainty.
We can be filled with fear.
And , yet, we are also filled with your strength.
You, who formed us before we were born, you have given us the strength we need.
We know that you are with us.
We ask that you be with ___ granting them your peace and healing grace.

We let go of our fear.
We know that we were made in your image.
We know that before our birth, you celebrated us, knowing us within every inch of our being.
We are your children, Lord.
You know what our hearts yearn for, before we even ask you,
We raise our fears, our burdens and and our concerns to you.

As your children, we use the words your Son taught us,
“Our Father…”