Betrayal (Matthew 26:17-30)

Betrayal can take many forms.

Our bodies betray us as we age.
Things we used to do easily become difficult.
Help us, Father, to accept these changes and to adapt.

Our friends betray us by ignoring our times of pain.
We expect them to know what we need and become angry when they fail us.
Help us, Father, to openly reach out to others and tell them what we need.

Our careers betray us when jobs are lost.
One day we head off to work. The next day, we search the want ads
wondering where we went wrong.
Help us, Father, to recognize our self-worth.

Jesus, you knew the pain of betrayal.
We know the pain of betrayal
and we recognize that we are, sometimes, the betrayer.
And we know that sometimes we betray you, Lord,
just as sometimes we betray ourselves.

Betrayal can take many forms.
And yet your forgiveness is constant.
Your love is constant.
Be with those among us who need your strength and love.

Jesus, you knew the pain of betrayal and yet you stayed with your disciples.
You taught them the words we use today,
“Our Father..”